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Sift Heads Street Wars - Performance

2012-02-27 13:33:21 by AtemiS-Starburst

Very happy to see Sift Heads Street Wars on the front page! I programmed the game and I was wondering if the game ran smoothly for most of you? Did it lag? What is your computer specs?

I get a solid 60fps from my machine as well as on my macbook pro (2007) but didn't had the time to fully tested it on older machine.

Next step is to optimize the game in flash 11 and test the engine with openGL :D

Sift Heads Street Wars - Performance


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2012-02-27 14:19:35

it ran fine on my computer
mine is pretty fast though

AtemiS-Starburst responds:



2012-02-27 14:24:30

Why aren't you mentioned in the credits showcase box as programmer? :(
About the wondering questions, reviews has all the answers already, looks good to me but it could use some improvements on everything ( shooting, moving and a bit better graphics ).

AtemiS-Starburst responds:

I will get credit :P, I agree, we are working hard on the next iteration to improve mostly everything especially gameplay wise


2012-02-28 15:00:17

I just thought I would try out the game after reading this and It runs fine, My laptop is a Dell inspiron 1525. I got one lag spike through out the whole game and it was not enough to break down the game play.
Keep up the good work through the game is looking great can not wait to see it develop.

AtemiS-Starburst responds:

Thank you!


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2016-08-12 18:36:48

I never knew you were one of the devs of this game, what happend to it? Street wars mmo won't even work anymore, and the devs of the games have gone quiet, and post small things on facebook. What happened?